"����G" 1 ���ɸ˯S�@�©M�~�侯 (�C�c 10 ��p) (1010127)


"����G" 1 ���ɸ˯S�@�©M�~�侯
���~���� : 1010131
�]�� : �C�c 10 �� 

"����G" 1 ���ɸ˯S�@�©M�~�侯 (�C�c 10 ��p) (1010127)

  • �̤֭q�f�q : 1 �c (= 10 ��)
    Minimum order: 1 carton (= 10 pcs.)

  • �q�f�ݪ�

    • ���D��o�ƶq�A�ƶq���|�H�C��p��A�аѦҳf�~���椺�e
    • �̤֭q����B : HK$1,500 �ΥH�W
    • �C���q��u�|�o�e�@�Ӱe�f�I
    • �p�e�f�a�I�]�����ιB��L�k���Q�i�J�p�S���ɭ����ιq��A�S���������A�L�y����m�A�ݱƶ��J���A�T�ϡA�ݦw�ƤW������B�~���p�A�ɭP�B�餽�q�ݭn�����B�~���O�A�����q�ݥt���Ȥ�����O��
    • �B�餽�q�i��]���e�f�a�I�A�ݭn�D�Ȥ��q���y���B�ۦ洣�f
    • �q��ЦC���p���H���p���q�ܡA�H�K�B�餽�q�p��
    • �F�����c�p�� Purchasing Card �I�ڡA�ݥt�����
    • �I�ڤ覡�G���I�ګ�o�f
    • �������Ĵ��G30 ��
    • �q��@�g�T�{��A�p�ݨ����A�����q�ݦ��� 50% �q��O�Χ@�������O
    • �Ȥ��q�f��A�ХI�ڦܥ����q�Ȧ�A�ñN��I�ڦ��ڳs�P�o�����H�q�l�Φ��o�X�� timeplexshop@gmail.com
    • ���D�f���u�ʡA�_�h�f�~�|��@�ܨ�P���o�� (���G�P�Ϩ���)�A�p���~��q�f��X�{�ʳf�A�����q�|�N�үʪ����~��ȩ^��





    Note before you order

    •  This is for wholesales only.  The order quantity is not piece by piece, please refer to item description for more details
    • Minimum order amount: HK$1,500 or above
    • One time free delivery applies to one order only
      (Extra delivery charges will apply for districts such as Tung Chung, Chek Lap Kok, Ma Wan, Stanley, Tai Tam, Shek O, Sai Kung, The Peak, Mainland China and overseas)
    • If our transportation company can��t arrange a smooth delivery due to no elevator / no lift, no car park, no parking area, long queue to destination, restricted area, on board arrangement or any other special circumstance which may cause to extra delivery charges, the same we will charge to the buyer.
    • Buyers may need to pick up the goods themselves if the driver of the transportation company can��t find a suitable place for goods loading.  
    • Please indicate the contact telephone number and contact person for delivery purpose
    • If purchasing card is needed for Government��s order, please contact for quotation
    • Payment term: local cash transfer in advance
    • Quotation validity: 30 days
    • Once order is confirmed, in case of cancellation, 50% order amount will be treated as cancellation fee
    • Once order is confirmed, please settle payment to our designated bank information.  Please send us the bank in slip and advise the invoice number by email to timeplexshop@gmail.com. 
    • Unless goods are out of stock, if not, it takes around 1-2 weeks delivery lead time (subject to the delivery schedule).  If goods are out of stock after order has been confirmed, we will refund the relevant amount.