ATOMY HemoHIM 艾多美煥力飲 4 套 (240 包計) (AT-104)

ATOMY HemoHIM 艾多美煥力飲 
產品型號: AT-104 
研發單位: 韓國原子力研究院
製造單位: 韓國科瑪 BNH (SBT) 
主成分 : Angelica Radix Extract (當歸萃取物), Chuanxiong Rhizoma Extract (川芎萃取物),  Paeoniae Alba Radix Extract (白芍萃取物)
副成分:純水 (Purified Water), 蜂蜜 (Honey), 澱粉糖漿 (Starch syrup), 果寡糖 (Fructo Oligo Saccharides), 無水檸檬酸 (Citric acid anhydrous), 關華豆膠 (Guar gum), 維生素 C (Ascorbic acid), 海藻酸鈉 (Sodium alginic acid), 海藻鈣 (Aqua Calcium), 泛酸鈣 (Calcium Pantothenate), 維生素 B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride), 維生素 B1 (Thiamine hydrochloride), 維生素 B2 (Riboflavin). 
食用方法: 每日 2 次, 每次 1 包 (20 毫升) 共 60 次份量
注意事項 :
* 請確實遵循每日建議量飲用, 多食無益
* 6 歲以下兒童,孕婦及生理期者不宜食用
* 哺乳者,特殊體質者,身體不適者,接受藥物治療者,食用前請先諮詢專業醫師或營養師之意見
* 本品由草本植物精萃, 如有少量沉澱乃正常現象, 請搖勻後安心飲用
* 請注意保存期限, 務必於期限內食用完畢
產品有效期: 2 年

食用方法 : 每日 2 次, 每次 1 包 (20 毫升) 共 60 次份量
*注意事項: 6 歲以下兒童及孕婦不宜食用 *每份鉀含量 0.07 毫克 (mg)

* 成為艾多美會員有會員專享價


ATOMY HemoHIM 艾多美煥力飲 4 套 (240 包計) (AT-104)


  • 訂貨需知 
    1.  此乃韓國品牌產品, 請參考貨品價格內容及數量才購買
    2. 最少訂單金額 : HK$600 或以上 (只限韓國品牌產品)
    3. 每次訂單只會發送一個送貨點
    (偏遠地區:東涌﹑赤鱲角﹑馬灣﹑赤柱﹑大潭﹑石澳﹑西貢﹑山頂﹑ 國內及海外另議)
    4.   如送貨地點因車輛或運輸無法順利進入如沒有升降機或電梯,沒有停車場,無泊車位置,需排隊入場,禁區,需安排上船等等之額外狀況,導致運輸公司需要產生額外收費,本公司需另收客戶相關費用
    5.   運輸公司可能因應送貨地點,需要求客戶到司機泊車處自行提貨
    6.   訂單請列明聯絡人及聯絡電話,以便運輸公司聯絡
    7.    付款方式:先付款後發貨
    8.   報價可能因應匯率而作出改變
    9.   訂單一經確認後,如需取消,本公司需收取 50% 訂單費用作為取消費
    10.   客戶於訂貨後,請付款至本公司銀行,並將其付款收據連同發票號以電郵形式發出至
    11.    付款方式可以以現金轉賬,信用咭, PAYPAL 或 PAYME
    12.    除非貨源短缺,否則貨品會於一至兩星期發放 (視乎同區車期),如產品於訂貨後出現缺貨,本公司會將所缺的產品原銀奉還

    Note before you order
    1.  These are Korean branded products. Please refer to price and quantity before purchase.
    2.  Minimum order amount: HK$600 or above (for Korean products only)
    3.  One time free delivery applies to one order only(Extra delivery charges will apply for districts such as Tung Chung, Chek Lap Kok, Ma Wan, Stanley, Tai Tam, Shek O, Sai Kung, The Peak, Mainland China and overseas)
    4.  If our transportation company can’t arrange a smooth delivery due to no elevator / no lift, no car park, no parking area, long queue to destination, restricted area, on board arrangement or any other special circumstance which may cause to extra delivery charges, the same we will charge to the buyer.
    5.  Buyers may need to pick up the goods themselves if the driver of the transportation company can’t find a suitable place for goods loading.
    6.  Please indicate the contact telephone number and contact person for delivery purpose
    7.  Payment term: local cash transfer in advance
    8.  Quotation may vary depending on exchange rate
    9.  Once order is confirmed, in case of cancellation, 50% order amount will be treated as cancellation fee
    10.  Once order is confirmed, please settle payment to our designated bank information. Please send us the bank in slip and advise the invoice number by email to
    11.  Payment method: Local cash transfer, credit card, PAYPAL or PAYME.   
    12.  Unless goods are out of stock, if not, it takes around 1-2 weeks delivery lead time (subject to the delivery schedule).
    If goods are out of stock after order has been confirmed, we will refund the relevant amount.




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